Help you communicate in creative ways that best connect your brand with your target audience through amazing visuals, smart use of technologies, and other forms of digital interaction.


Sets you apart from the competition

Establishes a stronger brand image

Converts more Leads to Customers

OUR Magic

LAB is an initiative to help African Businesses reach their full potential in the digital age.

LAB targets aspiring African Businesses by offering a wide array of world-class web design, development, maintenance, and other creative digital communications services using cost-effective solutions. Our team commits to serving you excellence without breaking your wallet, leaving you with more resources to focus on growing and transforming your business.

Creative Design

By using the right mix of tools, techniques and processes, will design creative graphics in various formats for use across multiple channels in line with your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Will develop a strategy along with on-brand static and dynamic graphics and explainer videos for use in multiple social media networks.

Email Marketing

Will design on-brand templates for Email Marketing and internal communications, along with opt-in forms for supported email marketing solutions.

Marketing Automation

Will set up a Marketing Automation solution that improves efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

Digital Ads

Will design, run and optimize ads in various formats for channels such as Google Ads network, Facebook/ Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Content Marketing

Will design on-brand creative graphics (such as infographics) for use in Content Marketing across multiple channels and formats.

Web Development

Will design and develop responsive websites, landing pages, micro-sites, website pop-ups, forms and other interactive digital content.

Data Science & BI

Will use data and setup analytics to produce progress reports and dashboards with insights that can be used to track Marketing success.

IT Consulting

Office automation, cloud computing, project management, systems development, performance tuning, and a host of other smart solutions.

Support & Maintenance

Will ensure your mission-critical systems and applications are always up and running. This covers on-premise and cloud infrastructure of all types.

Remote Support

Are you stuck? Do you need any help with your systems? Let’s have a chat and figure out how we can be of service to you and your business. 

Recipe for success

Our proven process will set you apart from the competition. Start winning today!

Understand Your Marketing Goals

Identify your Target Market

Review Historic Marketing Data

Identify the Correct Marketing Channels

Discuss your Marketing Budget

Design Creative Content

Convert Leads into Customers

Analyze, Optimize, Repeat


Come work with us using a flexible and transparent pricing model, where you can commit to a project by paying 50% on any of the packages and then finalize in instalments up to 3 months. For customers requiring extended support and other custom-tailored services, our packages are also available as monthly subscriptions. Contact us to learn more about our pricing options and for quotes on special projects.

Terms & Conditions apply.

You can also view our standard rate-card here.

Why LAB?

We are creative nerds. We create Amazing Experiences for Home, Work, and Play. Armed with the perfect mix of tools and tricks, we are excited to help you build an engaging brand and transform your business. We are experienced graphic designers, website developers, creative digital content producers, and IT consultants who believe that NOW is the perfect time for African Businesses to have a solid presence in the digital world – and be market leaders.


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